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Things to Do in Naga

These are recommendations on things to do in Naga. Take this tour package and see all three Naga City attractions in one day.

  • Mt. Isarog National Park

    The entrance to the Mt. Isarog National Park can be found in Panicuason. The park is a rainforest on the volcano, Mt. Isarog. This National Park is home to several waterfalls and a diverse collection of flora and fauna,as such it is a particularly good place for bird-watching. You can choose to actively explore the park by hiking with licensed guides along rough trails to reach points of interest like the picturesque Nabontolan Falls. More adventurous groups can opt to hike for several days and camp out at the peak of Mt. Isarog to enjoy the majestic sunrise view that awaits at the top.

  • Malabsay Falls

    This is one of the many waterfalls that dot the Mt. Isarog landscape, and it is also one of the most popular because of its relative accessibility. The trail to Malabsay Falls is easy to find from the park entrance gate, and the trail itself is pretty straightforward. After a 10-minute easy hike down to the falls, you’ll be able to take a dip in the cool, pristine spring waters of Mt. Isarog.

  • Panicuason Hot Spring Resort

    After the cold and refreshing waters of Malabsay Falls, a visit to Panicuason Hot Spring Resort is just the thing to cap off your day of walking and sightseeing. Grab something to eat, or simply relax in any one of the resort’s hot spring water pools. Choose your pool according to your preferred temperature. If you’re in the mood for something more active, there’s zip lining as well as bicycle zip lining available.

Things to see near Naga

Staying in Naga means getting ready access to the popular tourist destinations in Camarines Sur and the rest of Bicol, without leaving the comforts and conveniences of a big, metropolitan city. The following are recommended attractions outside Naga City.

  • Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC)

    CWC is a wakeboarding park in the neighboring town of Pili, about 20 minutes’ drive away from Naga. It has facilities that are suitable for both amateur and professional wakeboarders/wakeskaters. Aside from the cable park for wakeboarding, it has a water park (Lago del Ray) complete with an obstacle course, a swimming pool, and a skateboard park.

  • Legazpi City

    Around 2 hours’ away from Naga is Legazpi City, home to the majestic, perfect-cone beauty of Mayon Volcano. En route to Legazpi, visit Cagsawa Ruins in Legazpi’s neighboring town – Daraga. This offers a great view of the Mayon Volcano, and it is also the site of an old church that was allegedly damaged by Mayon Volcano’s 1814 eruption.

  • Caramoan Islands

    Caramoan is a group of islands that was used as a location in the Survivor TV series. This sun and sand paradise abounds in marine life, with dazzling white sand beaches, hidden coves, towering limestone cliffs, deep and dark caves, and pristine freshwater lakes. It takes a bit of time to get there, but the destination is certainly worth the trip.

    Island-hopping is a favorite tourist activity in Caramoan, where travelers can choose to go for their kayaking, diving and snorkeling adventures. Beach lovers can simply stay on the white sand strips to soak up the sun and take a dip in the clear blue waters of the Pacific.

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