Happy Hour Promo

After a full day’s work, proceed to The Carmen Hotel’s Babà Social Dining Restaurant and enjoy Happy Hour Promo, available daily from 5 to 9 pm. Enjoy 5+1 local beers PLIS one (1) pica-pica for only PhP 300.00 nett, and 20% off on all non-alcoholic beverages.

What: Happy Hour Promo
When: Daily, 5-9pm
Inclusions: 5 + 1 on Local Beers PLUS one (1) pica-pica
Price: PhP 300.00 nett

**Enjoy 20% off on all non-alcoholic beverages during Happy Hour**

Please call (054) 472-5888 for inquiries & reservations!

Happy Hour Promo Babà Social Dining

Check availability and prices.